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Proper strength training is serious business and we treat it as such. We treat each client on an individual basis. Programs are tailored fit to an individual’s needs and goals, however the protocol remains the same. Each session is one on one and completely private with no distractions. The exercise floor is impeccable and temperature controlled. Each exercise sequence and time under load is recorded for proper dose-response analysis. Our goal is to inroad the muscles at a cellular level to produce a stimulus needed in order for your body to produce positive physiological adaptations.Clinical Exercise adheres to the Super Slow protocol, requiring a 10 second positive stroke and a 10 second negative stroke, briefly contracting and extending your muscles until temporary failure. By slowing down each stroke and ultimately the exercise we reduce the possibility of injury. We isolate the targeted muscles within a given exercise and work them until temporary failure which allows for a greater stimulus. Our equipment is in accordance with muscle and joint function and designed to match your body’s strength curve where most facilities use machines in which the strength curve is completely backwards to your body’s. Your form is biomechanically controlled to prevent injury and maximize results. Most exercises are performed between 1 and 3 minutes. Sessions usually comprise of 5-6 exercises. This results in a total workout between 15-20 minutes. That’s correct, only 15-20 minutes for an effective workout. In addition to this, our clients only come once or twice a week. The more intense the exercise, the more time your body needs to rest and recover its resources, allowing you to work out less. We will never have you do multiple sets or anything else that wastes your time. Make no mistake, this is high intensity and without a doubt, hard work.Why choose structured resistance strength training? Strengthening the body’s muscles has been proven by many scientists and doctors as the most effective means of exercise. It has also been proven to be the best approach for injury prevention & physical rehabilitation. Your muscles are the gateway to positive physiological and biochemical adaptations which enhance not only your quality of life but prolong it. Emphasis on resistance training is important because of load. When the load increases from light to heavy there is a progressive increase in the number of muscle fibers involved in the contraction. Without load your body can’t experience the proper stimulus for physiological adaptations. Optimal load relies heavily on the individual, after all we are genetically unique.

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