Clinical Exercise was founded in 2006 by brother and sister, Dmitri and Victoria Medvedev. Dmitri and Victoria were born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Victoria attended the prestigious Circus Academy and became a professional Russian Theater actress specializing in diverse skills such as acrobatics and dance. Both Dmitri and Victoria came to the United States in the late 90s. Victoria came to know the Super Slow protocol through her own injuries and became a Master Certified Trainer by the Super Slow Guild in 2002 and certified her brother, Dmitri shortly after.

Victoria relocated to sunny Hawaii in 2010 while Dmitri continued to operate and grow the facility. In September 2012 Dmitri was tragically killed on a motorcycle by a reckless driver. His fiancé, Casandra Strafer, also on the bike, was severely injured. Instead of succumbing to the fate of her injuries and loss of her partner, Casandra was rehabilitated through the same protocol used at Clinical Exercise. As a living example and adamant believer in the protocol, Casandra embarked on a journey to take over the facility and reopened it in March of 2013 as the sole owner and operator.  Since then, she has trained over five thousand sessions. Casandra is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  Every client is a gift and new experience to this art of science we call the body.

Dmitri Medvedev - In remembrance
“Its not life that matters, its the courage we bring to it”