medx lumbar extension used for treating lower back pain

Clinical Exercise provides Functional Therapy. The goal for Functional Therapy is to restore the functional ability of the injured or impaired area. But what is it? Functional Therapy is a muscular skeletal treatment prescribed in a measurable definable dose, conducted in a clinical environment; to prevent and treat muscular deterioration and health disorders caused by muscular atrophy and sarcopenia. Functional Therapy is transparent with our exercise protocol. They are one in the same. Functional Therapy is better known as Medical Strengthening Therapy, especially in parts of Europe.

By isolating the targeted muscle, maintaining maximum muscular tension and bringing them to temporary failure we create the stimulus necessary for any growth mechanism to occur out of the body’s natural defensive response. Also, intense muscular contractions supply the heart with better venous return over any other therapy available. This means greater blood flow for your body. Blood flow is one of the body’s natural curatives. This is especially helpful in individuals with cardio vascular problems.

Let us take your back for example: Most neck and back pain can be decreased by simply strengthening your spinal and cervical erectors. Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work . It is also one of the most frequented reasons individuals seek help from a doctor. Most lower back problems subside on their own after the acute phase. This can take up to 6 weeks. Many practitioners are able to make money because of this. They employ their trade and eventually the back will start to feel better on its own. Instead of trying to fool you with simple anatomy we aim to strengthen your back muscles to prevent the onset of issues in the first place. Clinical Exercise uses the MedX Lumbar Extension and Super Slow Linear Spine Extension for lower back strengthening.

Functional Therapy can treat a number of joint and muscle pains or injuries. Our clients range from post op patients with knee replacements, spinal disorders, AC separations & impingement, tendonopathy, cervical spondylosis, achilles tendon rupture, lumbar pain and hip replacement. We serve a variety of clientele, most whom are very active people who use therapeutic exercise as a means for enjoying their life.  Exercise is your best medicine, and the muscles are the gateway to better health. Let us know what your specific needs are and we can develop the right program for you.

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