exercise equipment

Clinical Exercise offers top of the line equipment from Super Slow Systems, Nautilus, & MedX. These machines are designed in accordance with muscle and joint function. All equipment has been retrofitted to match your individual muscle’s strength curve and allow for variable resistance. This allows for the safest and most effective form of exercise & functional therapy available. The machines offered at Clinical Exercise are guaranteed better than any gyms and even most rehabilitation centers.

Nautilus Pullover

Targets Latissimus Dorsi, Pectoralis Major & Minor, and Deltoids

Super Slow Compound Leg Press

Targets Gluteal musculature, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Gastrocnemius (calf)

Super Slow Seated Leg Curl

Targets the Hamstrings musculature

Super Slow Leg Extension

Targets the Quadriceps

Super Slow Bicep Curl


Nautilus Lateral Raise

Targets the Deltoids (shoulders)

Super Slow Compound Chest Press

Targets the Pectoralis Major & Minor musculature, Deltoids & Triceps

Cybex Rotary Torso

Targets the trunk musculature, specifically the Obliques

Nautilus Retrofitted Shoulder Elevation

Targets the Trapezius musculature (neck base musculature)

MedX Lumbar Extension

Rehabilitates and strengthens the Multifidi & Spinae Erector muscles (lower back)

Nautilus Retrofitted Cervical Extension

Rehabilitates and strengthens the cervical muscles and neck extensors

Super Slow Linear Spine Extension

Rehabilitates and strengthens the Spinae Erector muscles (lower back) & trunk musculature

Super Slow Triceps Extension


Nautilus AB/AD Machine

Targets the Hip AB/AD musculature

Super Slow Rowing Torso

Targets the Rhomboids (upper back)